Wine Entrepreneur – Wine Not?

Wine is a product that is commonly cited as igniting a passion. A passion which can lead to entrepreneurial wanderings around an imaginary vineyard,  watching the sun go down over neatly pruned vines with a glass of wine from said vineyard.

To realise this highly romanticised picture one needs to know how  to make the money to achieve this. Passion does not guarantee a monetary reward.

However, if that passion can be harnessed in the right way, it can be used both as a means to sell a product or service and as a part of the product or service itself. Consumers are not just buying a product, but buying into the passion behind it.

Customer’s need to be convinced that in spending their money they are not only getting something that they want, but they are spending it on the correct product.

In thinking of starting a wine business it is your job to convince people to buy your product or service over a competitor’s. Harnessing this passion and channeling it effectively is the first step.

Through this blog we will be exploring what we see as some of the key ideas, themes, and considerations that exist for entrepreneurs within the wine sector.


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